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Full speed, sym/asym keys CryptoIP-459D, CryptoIP-459DO

IP-шифратор CryptoIP-459D/DOFull speed, sym/asym keys CryptoIP-459D/DO is purposed for cryptographic protection L3 networks, provides end-to-end encryption of IP traffic, transmitted between protected LAN networks through public ІР networks.

These IP-encryptor is designed for cryptographic protection of Official information.


  • Encryption - DSTU GOST 28147:2009 (Ukrainian standard)
  • Hash - GOST 34.311-95
  • Electronic digital signature - DSTU 4145-2002
  • Session key creation - ISO/IEC 15946-3

Key distribution, Session Key Calculation

  • Public keys with PKI infrastructure support. Diffie-Hellman procedure
  • Public keys presharing. Diffie-Hellman procedure
  • Pre-Shared symmetric keys

Supported interfaces

  • Two 10/100Base-Т interfaces for WAN connection
  • Two 10/100Base-Т on CryptoIP-459D for LAN connection
  • One 100Base-FX on CryptoIP-459DO for LAN connection
  • USB 2.0 - service interface


Speed of encryption 266 Mbit/s
Aggregate throughput  not less than 180 Mbit/s
Throughput in each direction not less than 90Mbit/s
Security associations (max) 2047
Encryptors in one network (max) 8192
Key storage media PS/SC removable, SIM, CryptoCard-337
Key storage update period 3 years
Authentication local, remoute
Encryptor tamper protection cryptography
Working temperature from +0° С to +45° С
Supply voltage 85 - 265 V with nominal frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption 10 Watt
Cooling passive
Dimensions 204×157×37 mm
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