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Contactless Card Reader CR-382

Contactless Card Reader CR-382Contactless Card Reader CR-382 is designed for reading and writing information on contactless smart card and provides an interface between a computer and a contactless Card (ISO / IEC 14443).

Contactless Card Reader CR-382 is a terminal interface device for smart card applications and system integration. It can be widely used in industries or applications requiring electronic payment and authentication, and is especially suitable for the high-security fields. It is an optimal solution for authentication, e-commerce, financial organizations, access control, etc.

Technical specifications:

Frequency 13,56 MHz
Standards & Specifications ISO 14443
EMV2000 level 1
Supported card reader ISO 14443 Type A and B
Mifare Classic &Mifare
Ultralight C
Card Clock Frequency: 13,56 MHz
Сard Read/Write Speed: 106 kbps
Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed
Operation Distance no more 10 cm
Supported OS Windows 2000/2003/2003×64/2008/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, MacOS
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