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Carriers of key information (CKI)

These are universal protected tool designed for use in a public key infrastructure (PKI), payment systems, access systems, network security, as an identifier, the carrier of personal information, and also as a facility of forming e-Digital Signature with non-removable private key.

Carriers of key information


  • digital signature formation/verification
  • data encryption/decryption
  • calculation of hash-function
  • active cryptography
  • protected storage of personal key information
  • two-factor authentication (work support with the domain Active Directory)
  • authorization to the Web-recourses

“Secure Token-337F”- has two devices into one cover:

  • electronic key “Secure Token-337”
  • FLASH-memory with encrypted disks to storage of any user’s data (from 2 till 32GB)
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